Aaron Franza, Chairman of the Russian Federalation and Chairman of Franza Globle

In the Year, 2447 (LU World Time) The Aug. Revolution has ended. This revolution was a start in a great nation. I had lead this revolution since the start, many years earlyer. After the Revolution ended, The Czar fleed the country leaving it's people with no leadership or government. Thay is when I come in. Are party called the Bolshiveks had claimed the high command of the county. I was given my rank as the Prime Minister. The country was called, 'The Bolshievek Soviet Union'. The country prosbered for many years untill the 20-year-war. The was was a fail for our side. We were outnummbered, out-guned and out-ranked. City by city, town by town fell. At our last stand at the Moscow Fortification Lines, we tryed to hold them. We only had a few thousand men. The fort was under seige. After the siege slowed, the lines started to break. The enemy board in like water in the sea. Moscow's last defence as fallen. Now without the MFL Moscow, Novograd, Leningrand, Vogolgrad and Leningradskiy falls. The BSU was no more. With the fall of the B.S.U. I had revenew and debt to pay. It was payed with my remaining money. I only had around a few hundred thousand left after. I desided to back away from this world, and move on. I started 2 colonies on sepreate worlds and a fairly large Enteprise. And that is were my story endes, but another has begun. - Aaron Franza, of the Russian Federalation. Pictures - Top: The Aug. Revolution Bottom: The Fall of the Soviet Union.