Aliot Gever
and the
Mercurial Land of Fraiz

--Before the War--
Aliot Gever was born to a noble family on February 17th, 2442, in what was then Holy Empire of Fraizi.
--The End of the Empire--
He was commissioned in the armed forces during his late teen years, and was serving as a Commander of the Temple Guard during the Grand Inquisition of 2465, and failed in his duty of protecting the "God-King" Emperor Yushef Barra from the rebels.
--The First Republic--
Anesh Odel-Yushef, Emperor Yushefs' son and the leader of the rebellion, pardoned Aliot Gever, sparing him from life-imprisonment for the the deaths of over 700 rebel troops during his infamous defense of The Temple. Anesh would serve as prime minister of the Fraizian Republic until 2477. By 2469, Aliot had become an executive in the Brava Househould Products Corporation, and would remain so for the next 9 years.
--Civil War--
In April of 2478, Holy Imperial Loyalists and foreign "security experts" clashed at Cape Dalhousia in the south of the country, the battle ending with a Loyalist victory. This led to an outbreak of new uprisings against the unpopular government of Prime Minister Nathan Hojjim, Anesh Odel-Yusefs' successor. Mr. Gever, eager to prove his loyalty to an increasingly paranoid and prejudicial population, aligned himself with the most popular rebel group, the Socialists. Under his generalship a socialist mob managed to take control of the capital on May 12th, 2478, and set up an interim government with himself as Prime Minister.
--The 2nd Republic, 1st Dictatorship, and 3rd Republic, 1st Empire, and 4th Republic--
Aliot Gever, becoming more and more opposed to communist ideology, set up a dictatorial government. It only lasted about two weeks. He then set up a the third republic, The Federal Fraiz Republic. In December of 2479 he led two successful invasions into Britannia and Montana, and founded the Fraizian Empire. Aliot was soon elected President-for-Life of the Federal Fraiz Republic, and the president/dictator of the Britannia and Montana protectorates established after the fall of the local governments.