Welcome To My Simcountry Website

Welcome to my nuclear country.As you can see,it is only small country because it's new and will be on the rise to the top rank player in the game.This country has started in April 2483 simcountry game time as a communist government.The game is far the best I've ever played on the internet and it is only $12.00 USD to start with for about 3 months membership along with 120 gold coins to use,then it drops to 90 gold coins there after if I want to keep the game going.My country is rich in tax by 75% with 25% profit transfer.I run my country with only ceo corporations because they do clearly make more money than state corporations.There are heaps of corporation in this game and more are on the way I think,because the gamemaster of this simcountry game said there will be more new products will be installed but I don't know when and what they are.You can run you'r own country via making profits through corporations and run the war at the same time but as long as you are in profit range with the income coming in every game month.But make sure you are in green positive income or you'r country will be in debt and then bankrupt.I am running this country as communist government because it tells them to stay where they are,especially in the education priority.When trying to run the country,I suggest you have the sales at follow quality and lower 10%,because I don't believe in increase 20% to 30% in sales and lower 10%.Because it simply won't work.You will see other players with 20% to 30% increase in sales and lower up to 20%,but then again you will find that there are sales that have not yet been sold and there for,it will be in red instead of green.When buying quality supplies,I try to set the quality between 150 to 190 for maximum quality upgrade and in sales.I also set the buying strategy at start 90% then raise it at 7% there after.You can also upgrade you'r corporations through the effectivity and quality up to 225 for ceo and 200 for state corporations.There is more to it than this,but I will fill it out later.Thank you.