President Ariaen Jacobszoon of Devonia

On December 13th 2294, Ariaen Jacobszoon staged a coup d'etat, seizing power in Devonia.

Jacobszoon - regarded by many of his peers as a leading military tactician, financial wunderkind and social philosopher - was greeted by thousands of admirers as he rode into the Devonian capital Bideford.

Jacobszoon's first act on seizing power was to declare Devonia a peaceful nation, thus securing his populace from the threat of war, and paving the way for a future defined by economic growth, rather than the horrors of warfare.

Delegations have been sent out to Devonia's neighbouring Europia, Thoregon and MartLand, whilst Jacobszoon expressed the desire that Prospect, the leaderless nation to the north of Devonia would follow a peaceful path also.

Since Jacobszoon took power, an atmosphere of confidence has been tangible among the Devonian people, a feeling of optimism which can only lead the country on to greater heights.

top picture. President Ariaen Jacobszoon.

bottom picture. Bideford, Devonia's capital.