Regarding SimCountry, the Interface, etc.



        Inconsistent Terminology: Effectivity is used interchangeably with efficiency.One or the other should be used consistently.Personally, I would prefer the term efficiency, but I understand that effectivity may be more common in other English-speaking countries.


        Stock, as in Supplies or Inventory, is used at times that make it easy to confuse with Corporate (Public) Stock.


        The message system inside the game interface does not work as well as the one outside, from the main screen.


        Paragraph spacing, when writing a proposal, does not work in the polling system.


Questions:(I havenít found answers to these in the documentation yet)


1.     The personnel requirements for defensive military forces are listed in the documentation.What are the personnel requirements for offensive and strategic forces?Is there a simple table for these figures?


2.     Does the range of a weapon or military unit have any meaning?Can all units and all weapons reach all targets?What about naval weapons, ships and aircraft?Are their targets limited at all?


3.     Can I destroy a Strategic Base?