The Government Website of the Unified Arab Emirates

The president of UAE is proud to welcome you to this website. Though this nation has been in existance for many thousands of years, it was comprised of many small single city states. In November 2022 the current president produced a proposal to create a union between the neighbours. The states agreed, seeing the value of unionship. So then after a summit in the capital, the Unified Arab Emirates was formed. UAE is the only nation in Little Upsilon to have the most diverse and broad minded citizens in history. UAE is located in Hercula Major of the Berco Yok region. UAE values and promotes tolerence and peace for all nations. It condemns all forms of violence. We invite you to visit our land, whether for a holiday or buniness, you are guaranteed not to be dissapointed. God bless you, We wish you great success and happiness. -governmental representative presentation.