Karmanti Empire (Federation within a Federation)

Karmanti Empire Federation

Despite popular belief the Karmanti Empire is in reference to a regional federation chaired by High Lord Bad Karma, and not his personal domain. It is comprised of several domains gathered from several worlds by Bad Karma. At its core are the 5 main countries of each major domain, each represented by a star on the Imperial Karmanti Empire Banner. Karmantium, German Confederation, Hostocia, Tokers United, and Oz. The Karmanti Empire's main strength lies at the border of Kusbara Verde and East Valley on the continent of Hercula Major. As such the Empire has laid claim to, and enforces its sphere of influence over the those regions and that of Cabana Magnifica. (As seen on the map)

Karmanti Empire Politics

The Karmanti Empire is run by High Lord Bad Karma whom assembled, organized, trained, and supplied those who would become members. He is in direct control over economic strategies, military build ups, and diplomacy for the Empire as a whole. The heads of state for the individual domains see that those strategies are implemented, maintance of their own personal domains, develop their lesser territories as they see fit, and give Bad Karma council on world affairs that affect the entirity of the federation. Each ranking member is also represented in the larger Federation known as SND. Here the Karmanti Empire has its greatest allies and fights wars on the world stage.

Karmanti Empire Countries

The Karmanti Empire's economic and internal infrastructure is designed to mirror each other and for maximizing all available resources. By having all countries of similar size being nearly identical all members know exactly what they can, and can not expect from each other. This creates a system in which each domain is just as important and capable as any other in the Empire. No single domain carries more of a burden than another, and no single domain lags behind the others. Each is equal in terms of economic and military strength. Each members safety and strength is dependant upon each other. As such the Empire's future is nearly assured, and the continued good relations between all members guarenteed.