The Foxoleon Alliance

Foxoleon Alliance is located on the west coastline of the south eastern peninsular of the Amherst region of Centura Donna. Blue became president in the year 2318 and has governed the country successfully since.

Since starting, the alliance has maintained relative peace with it's neighbours.

The political nature of the Foxoleon Alliance is a long and turbulent one, and up until recently, the country was heavily segregated, with each of the six provinces existing as autonomous states. However, for the first time in over three hundred years, the country was united in 2318 after the realisation of two external powers growing in the area. This led to several developments in the countries political system, and its military. Although not yet a military power, the Alliance strives to achieve military and economic might, and has vowed to only use this power in a defensive manner.
The Protectorate federation was founded in this country, and has grown quickly to include countries from a large number of the other continents.