Buckminster Fuller and Spaceship Earth

Welcome to the website for Spaceship Earth and it's president: Buckminster Fuller..

You may never have heard of Buckminster Fuller. He was a futurist and poineer of ecologically sustainable design. His best known invention is the geodesic dome. Almost any dome structure you've ever seen is based on his design. (It involves little triangles built together to form a dome.)

But Mr. Fuller was more than an inventor. He was also a visionary. He traveled and spoke extinsively about his Spaceship Earth concept. The idea was that the entire human race was travelling through space, with the earth as our spacecraft. If we didn't do what it took to take care of the earth, we could lose our spaceship. Fuller poineered uses of technology that helped to roll back the tide of ecological destruction, instead of advance it.

My country is named after this concept. It is a completely peaceful country and maintains no military of any kind whatsoeve, including defensive. By the rules of this game, it is protected by its peaceful status from ever being attacked. It will also never be able to attack anyone else.

I am new on this game and just getting the hang of it. I already built too many hospitals early on and am paying for that now by a shortage of high end workers. I also have found that the game does not like you to be away for long periods of time. I hope to learn more and help my country prosper as an example of "What One Man Can Do." (That is the name of the song John Denver wrote about Buckminster Fuller, and the national anthem of Spaceship earth.)