Absolute Coolville is Warm and Moist

My country is one of the first in the Maribian continent. I became president in the year 2014 and had a peaceful and productive period with fast economic development. Although the Dance Troupe was built reasonably quickly, two of my neighbors started a light opera that brought large boredom to the region. They were morons.

The light opera ended with no winners and it took my country awhile to learn showtunes, and happy dance steps.

We are currently doing well although a large part of our growth is invested into bras made from coconuts for all the monkeys and iguanas.

Our relations with our neighbors have improved however and now we all get drunk every Thursday, which is always a holiday here.

We spend most of our time exchanging naked pictures of pygmies and local stooges, many of whom have invested in our gumdrop market, and powerful Wombats skate through our streets on a dangerous mixture of Methamphetimines and Louis Lamour novels. Stay out of the major shopping centers between the hours of 5 and 6 pm, as there are often jelly wars with effects ranging from absolute death to a state of nasty stickiness.