History of Canadia

In 2014 The Canadian Rebellion against the Dictating Government won the First Canadian civil war which led to the new leadership by Zachary Munshaw. After months of Recovering from this war its Leader Started Its fast Economic growth and this lead to a more peaceful economy with a low demand for weapons and a high demand for foods, and other Industries. Once the Economy hit the top 50 Countries. The government in Canadia decide the only way to secure itself was to conquer a 3RD World Country. so it Decided to Take over its neighbor, and Started bringing it into the Economic, and Industrialized wiorld. Once it saw wars approaching its peaceful region of Lake Yorma Canadia decided to Develope Nuclear Power, and Strategic Weapons. Mr. Zachary Munshaw has still the Intent to keep peace and use Nuclear Weapons only when in Desprate Times of its wars.