Empire of the Carolina Democratic Union

While I Breath, I Hope

A Word from the President.......

The seat of the Empire of the Carolina Democratic Union is located on Golden Rainbow, Antilia Major, Otello Monda region.

Founded in game year 2595 (Nov. 2008), the Empire grew from the seat of power, the Carolina Democratic Union, into a nineteen country empire. In game year 2642 (May 2009), a consolidation effort conformed the union into the current thirteen member confederation.

The CDU and it's members were it's own Federation until game year 2630; in that year, the Golden Rainbow Economic Federation (GREF) offered the union membership, and Carolina graciously accepted. The Empire states are now part of seven GREF Branches; Antilia Major Western Division, AM Eastern Division, Virginia Bella, Hercula Major, Draca Mixor, Centura Donna, and Lynx Minor.

This President was voted into the GREF Council in game year 2655 (June, 2009).

Two goals were accomplished in August 2009; the CDU reached level 6 and also won the 1st place country award for the month of August.

During membership in GREF, the CDU has experienced tremendous growth in all thirteen nations, thus continuing the positive direction and evolution of the Empire.

President Christopher Michael

Carolina Democratic Union
Carolina State of Maryland
Carolina State of Indiana
Carolina State of Kentucky
Carolina State of California
Carolina State of New York
Carolina State of Washington
Carolina State of Illinois
Carolina State of Virginia
Carolina State of Arizona
Carolina State of Michigan
Carolina State of Missouri
Carolina State of Oregon

GREF Branch Chairman,
Antilia Major Western Division
Antilia Major Eastern Division
Virginia Bella
Hercula Major/Paova Major