What I think of Animal Rights Activists

ANIMALS ARE ANAMALS. and thats that! People who protest against animal experimentation are the scum of the earth. animals have no sense of joy, love or compassion. from the moment they are brought into this world they hace no conscience thought whatsoever. all animals are programmed to act a certain way in different situations. their lives consist of them sensing situations by seeing, hearing etc, and their tiny brain naturally send signals to the rest of their bodies. If a dolphin saves a life its not because it cares its because thats what it was programmed to do in that situation. its what felt right for him to do because of its natural impulses. i would rather a million rabbits die in agony than for a shampoo to sting my eyes slightly for a moment. all forms of hunting should be allowed. the ALF are arseholes who have got nothing better to do than try to defend disease carrying rats. if one person can gain from the pain of animals then so be it. ANIMALS ARE ANIMALS!!!!