Kingdom under True Zero Rule

My first three days of playing this , i learn a lot about the game and got a good idea of how it works. MY country is doing good , but i have been trying to establish a federation defense by trying to get all other country to join my federation that are around my country and this will also increase my defense of my country because if i can get this thin no other country will go to war with me because i will have their help and all routs will be under our control. However i learn latter that those country are already in a big federation that make up most of the region , however this also means if i can get their leader to join me ,i might get most of the region under our rule . Also i am trying to become a nuke might of power ,which is going to require a lot of money , i have to get back to you on this !Well i am getting close , starting to get money , on the right path to might. Also i have a federation website now , here it is put that in the address bar ,and you will go see my federation kingdom website!