Welcome to The United Kingdom of People

My country is one of the newest in the Lacerta continent. (There were many countries before me) I became president in the year 2030 (February) and had a peaceful and productive period with growing. I've had one economic problem and it is when you buy anything with the military. You have to wait a while. I have had something on the purchased list for 2-3 years and still haven't got it. I have over 2 Trillion dollars about 3. My army is rapidly growing but the population is not as rapidly. My defence is very standerd. But offence i'm still working on. So I hope more countries (new leaders) will choose to stay here in Lacerta. My Federation has 14 members, and i'm the chairman. My federaion has many strong countries. My Common Market is ok. We all on the common market are still trying to see what to do. But where getting there. Our goal on our Common Market is to HELP THE ECOMONY SITUATION. Most likly with the Military. (Since its so behind) Our world Little Upsilon isn't so violent. But with a very bad military economy. Theres only a few wars going on, in our continet and region. But our federation is getting so powerful. We want to tell what other countries can or can't do. I and a VERY good allie of mine, threaten to completly demolish this country for doing things, that are countries don't like. So he backed down. (He quit doing those things to are country) So thats what our federation is going to be like that, but to the world.