Ameche's Lair

Welcome! A little bit about me. Became president of Defcon Maximus in March 2427. Entered Allied Forces in June 2435. Succeeded David Walker {Land of Liam} as chairman in December 2473. Am currently entering my 20th game year as chairman of the largest federation complex in Golden Rainbow. Currently, Defcon Maximus is the third ranked country in Golden Rainbow, hovering around a 2140 country score. Defcon Maximus on GR was rated 1st on July 31 2007. Although my overall empire power base lies in GR, i am also present on all other worlds. Co-founder of DKU/AF on Fearless Blue. Secretary of Defense for PPW on White Giant, along with founding a mutual interest fed, PPW/AF. Member of the esteemed federation The Protectorate on Kebir Blue. And last, but not least, member of the fledgling Allied Forces LU on Little Upsilon. I also play in the ceo game, although sparingly. I own three, one on KB and two on GR. Defcon AF Industries on GR was rated 1st on July 31 2007. Golden Rainbow: Defcon Maximus Defcon Alpha Defcon Bravo Defcon Charlie Defcon Delta Defcon Echo Defcon Foxtrot Defcon Helix Defcon Juliet Defcon Kilo Defcon Semper Fidelis ceo: Defcon AF Industries Allied Forces Inc. Fearless Blue: Fade to Black Kebir Blue: Two Six Charlie Rolling Thunder Trapped Under Ice Damage Incorporated ceo: Semper Fi Industries Little Upsilon: Frayed Ends of Sanity White Giant: Ionic