Welcome to the cure

I started playing this game for fun and with help from other players got to grips with the controls. I then became concerned with a country called the Islamic Empire. There are already enough murderers on the streets today without a swarm of muslims going around killing in the name of 'allah'. Muslims, especially those in the middle east have taken it upon themselves to engage the West in a 'holy war'. It was the mistake of the West when we tried to take these warmongering, wife-beaters and impose decent Christian values upon them. The East clearly was not, and never will be ready for this. Just look at Afghanistan 5 years ago. How much have they evolved in the last 2000 years? The fact is muslims live for war (on the whole) except this current war with the West is like non before. The West have to abide by strict rules of engagement. Every 'innocent' civilian these Western 'monsters' hurt is shown on millions of TV screens world wide. Yet those killing in the name of islam can slaughter thousands of innocents. They blow up planes and themselves and abide by no rules. Israel has the right idea. Their zero tolerance policy is the only way the West can ever be rid of these infectious Eastern Muslims. Our politically correct nation however would rather allow the image on the right to take place rather than risk offending the few 'decent' muslims there are. I hate this world. (I sincerely apologise to any individual who is seriously offended by this piece but i see no reason why it is wrong to judge an entire religion by the actions and attitudes of the majority of their members)