Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Cobain

Welcome to the page of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Cobain.

Our Republic was founded by a consortium of Grungies, Goths and Slackers who grew tired of the Conservative Preppie’s domination of other lands. The DPRC was founded on the belief that the ways of the legendary Kurt Cobain would make life easier for those intoxicated by the Alternative movements of the 1990’s. To that end the DPRC has made its mission as a refuge for those brother and sisters oppressed by the Conservative Preppies and their corporate overlord.

To that end the DPRC has declared that we will not just offer a safe haven for those in the alternative movement but work to liberate our fellow Grungiest, Goths and Slackers in other countries by any means necessary including military force.

To that end we demand reparations from those countries that have committed historic grimes against those in the alternative movements. While we are a simple people we have a grand plan as put forth by our founder Kurt Cobain.

Unlike other countries run by the Corporate Industrial Complex, we value the work of writers, artists, poets, musicians and academics. The DPRC has created an environment to help foster maximum creativity by allowing those with creative gifts to flourish and to the betterment of all.