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The Combine is a vast empire spanning multiple dimensions. The empire is inhabited by an unknown number of sentient, intelligent species, and appears to be governed by a race of bizarre, artificially-evolved Advisors The Combine expands its empire by invading worlds and enslaving the dominant species to be exploited as it sees fit. By manipulating these inhabitants, through methods including bioengineering and implantation, the Combine creates a race of super-soldiers uniquely adapted for the environment of that particular world. This process results in a highly mobile and adaptive military force which is able to respond to any threat and crush any opposition. The reasons behind the Combine's imperialism remain unknown throughout the game. It is worth noting that vocal stress is placed on the first syllable. The name is pronounced as the noun COM-bine, as in combine harvester, as opposed to the verb form com-BINE, as in "to join together or unite." Although Dr. Breen officially states the name of the empire is the Universal Union to the public, he later refers the Combine Soldiers and Civil Protection as The Transhuman Arm of Combine Overwatch in Nova Prospekt, verifying that "Combine" is the universally accepted name of the empire, even by the empire itself. Until recently, many players speculated that the Combine may have possibly controlled Xen. However, new information from Half-Life's creators reveals the truth. The Combine Empire was engaged in a war with the Nihilanth's race, and, through means unknown, managed to force them out of their original homeland. The Nihilanth's race was then forced to seek refuge in Xen. The Combine could not follow them to Xen, as the Nihilanth was keeping the portal closed. However, scientists at the Black Mesa Research Facility on Earth accidentally opened a portal between Earth and Xen. After Gordon Freeman killed the Nihilanth, the portal opened, allowing the Combine to teleport its forces into Xen. Once there, the Combine became aware of the portal storm opening a gateway to Earth, and summarily used their forces stationed on Xen to invade and conquer Earth. Earth is one of the Combine's most recent annexations, acquired following Earth's surrender at the end of the Seven Hour War. Following the standard Combine process, members of Earth's dominant species have been modified to form a new arm of the Combine military. Whilst these soldiers are primarily used as a permanent Combine garrison on Earth, in-game dialogue suggests that units of the Transhuman Overwatch are used across the Combine Empire.