Holy Kingdom of Adonai

News:Holy Kingdom of Adonai gains sovereignty, Council of Christian Theocracies Formed, More News Soon...

I am King Constanzus Barbosus I of the Holy Kingdom of Adonai. A newer nation, founded upon a Christian Theocracy in form of the Roman Catholic Church. We hold onto our faith, despite our seperation from Earth, for we know its truth... The Adonaians are a hard-working people, with a capitalist economy and militarist doctrine. For our history, corporate statistics, and federal concepts, look on below...

The Holy Kingdom of Adonai was founded October 7th, 2007, after a succesfull revolt. A corrupt Muslim caliphate ruled the nation for sometime, adopting many corrupt policies. The Christian population rose up under a layman and soldier, Constanzus Barbosus, and upon victory, made the House of Barbosii the royal family. Adopting a Christian Theocracy, with the Catholic flag, and the national anthem being the Gregorian Chant, Adonai is a quickly evolving nation. Adopting also a strongly capitalist economy, and a centralized state, we focus strongly on development of our military and economy.
The nation currently has taken a major strike. In observance of its neighbors, and current possibilities, Adonai boosted military spending. In observance of its neighbors, a Jewish nation to the direct east named Duval was a prime target. In a swift declaration of war, a lightening attack was made for a drive to the nation's capital, Jamestown.