Please visit here if you are interested to try Simcountry, with special assistance and extra cash for your country from leader "CorporatePartner".

Please visit this link for Simcountry. If you decide to join as a "full" member, then some extra cash can be sent to your country as a bonus. Also, if you join from this link, you will always have an extra ally to assist you with the many challenges of workers, corporations, finance, military, and advice. If your country is on "Golden Rainbow", you can search for this leader directly, or send messages directly. If another world was given, don't worry, just go to the live chat, "SimContry Cafe", and either this leader or another can assist you with changing your country and your world. By being on the same world, much more communication and exchanges and assistance can be shared, and your country has an excellent chance of quickly becoming stable, productive, and profitable. Also, with "Federations", if you wish to engage other countries in warfare, or would like additional protection for newly conquered "slave" countries, this can be provided, as well, by joining one of many federations. In any case the support you need as a new leader will be given to you, to help you reach higher levels, with "Gold Coin" rewards, and large profits.

Massive Online World Simulation
Simcountry is a Massive Online World Simulation Game.

Build your own empire. Join a community of thousands of leaders in a strategic, military and economic adventure.

You can visit either the country of "The Empire of Mia nosa" on the world of "Golden Rainbow", or also, the enterprise "CorporatePartner", also on Golden Rainbow. As an new leader of a country, you can lead your State affairs for a short time for free, as your learn the methods and madness that makes being a President, Dictator, or Royalty unique. However, you may also wish to take on the challenge as a "dual leader", also becoming a CEO, and managing the business and economic challenges of an Enterprise, an entity that controls or is a stakeholder in many corporations without restriction to national, regional or other borders. To continue as a "full" leader, or become a "dual" leader, a small contribution of $12 is required. This fee helps support the extensive programmer and hardware needed to run the worlds, just as with any other business--the difference, though, is that with dedication and perserverance, your country or enterprise can earn large profits, which can then be used to continue as a leader for free. Obviously, the "masters' of the worlds have other means of generating income to pay for these fees, so, becoming a successful leader can have many rewards. "Gold Coins" are used to make all transfers between SimCountry cash and regular currency, generally at a rate of somewhere close to 5 gold coins to one US$. So, give it a try, and see for yourself, if becoming a "leader" is something for you.