Welcome to the Tindremenia Empirial Visitors Plaza

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My nation is new to the great continent of Lacerta, but my people are strong willed and intelligent. I became King of Tindremenia in the year 2456 and had a peaceful and productive period with fast economic development.

I have the pleasure of acting not only in the authourity of King, but also as a CEO of a fast growing enterprise.

I find myself here in Tindremenia between the sea and strangers, hoping to forge new alliances and trade agreements so my followers may flourish!

We are currently doing well although we have very few resources dedicated to our military. We are a peaceful kingdom, seeking only growth and prosperity through our economic prudence.

Our relations with our neighbors have yet to be established, though I hope this to change soon. If our neighbors seem to be a more hostile people than anticipated, we may need to rethink our ideologies.