Welcome to my Home Page (Type II)

Rapulbik Geronostadit began as a shadow of a dream in a revolutionary's mind. He envisioned a better country, a country where people got better health care and education, where the roads were in disarray, and where the employment ratio was healthy. And so he ran for president and took command of the country. It was a severe finanal strain, at first, to put his policies into place. But as they matured the people became happier, and healthier. Production soared and he built special clinics and work schools to grow the labor market. And so the country continues to grow with many corporations making their homes here. After that he purchased Salaam, where he made some mistakes, mostly minor ones, though he managed to drive out almost half his public corporations, before getting a handle on the situation. After that he returned to his mild mannored self watching over his small empire.