Home Page of the Dominion of Wildcoasts

A new day has begun for the Dominion of Wildcoasts. The year is 2488 and Donald0654 has recently come into power. He campaigned on promises of peaceful relations with neighboring and regional countries while touting an economic growth package. The shortfall is inexperience; he's never played before. Overtures of peaceful greeting have been sent to his nearest nieghbors and he awaits their replies. Anyone who is kind enough to pass along good advice should know that such advice will be considered invaluable and may serve to foster future relations. (Aug 2488) True to his campaign the new president sent out overtures for peace. As a result of those overtures a new federation is forming, "The Dawn of the Great Almond." Let us live together in the peace, hopefullness and ever new dawn as we sojorn together through life and nibble away at this almond we treasure.