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Dr. Jones and Atlantis

In 1939, (It's a long story, but if you've ever played "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" you know what I mean.) I discovered the strange secrets of Atlantis. However, "The Fate of Atlantis" was written by my friend Sofia, and has a slight tendency to -er- exagerate. A lot.

We discovered Atlantis all right, but kept its real location and story a secret. Truly there was a danger of the Third Reich in those times, and the power of ornithalum was great.

I took control of Atlantis quite recently. (Sophia ruled the city quite peacefully and prosperously, however, due to a very unfortunate accident, it was turned over to me.

"Indiana? Sounds like the name of one of your states - or a cat." ~The late Prof. Sternhart