Dupelandia is a cozy little country in the Hercula Major continent of the White Giant world.

Geographically, Dupelandia is composed of two separate territories. The west, where the capital lies, is the westernmost area of the Pictor Veronica region and is composed of hills near the western borders and a coastal plain. The east is a low-lying, swampy region: most of the delta of the Gandario river, plus barrier paninsulas extending to the northwest and to the east.

The country emerged in November 2219 and has since been struggling to solve inherited economic problems and rise in the international arena.

Some historical landmarks
  • June 2220 - Included for the first time in the list of the major 300 world powers
  • November 2220 - Rose for the first time to the top-200 world powers, despite facing a severe lack of workers