EQDom Chamber Of Commerce

Welcome To EQDOM.

My country is the finest example of Paradise you could ever hope to find.

I became president in the year 2004 and had a peaceful and productive period with fast economic development.

EQDom is a land of peace and prosperity. This is insured by a large standing army and cutting edge technology that insures any attack will be met with brutal and final force

In EQDom we have a finely developed sense of justice. Our legal system is above reproach and insures that no entity, no matter how large and powerful, will ever have a legal advantage over another.

We welcome all friends to EQDom with open arms. You will never find another country that would be a more faithful friend and ally. To those that would do harm to our citizens or make war upon us, a word of warning. We can be faithful to that as well.

EQDom's President and the lovely and talented First Lady of EQDom.

There have been YourCGI.com FREE Hit Counter vistors that have enjoyed the Paradise that is EQDom.