Edville Overview: The emmediate goal of Edville is to become self sufficeint and self sustaining with in the next five years. The last few years Edville has committed vast resources of money,People and building materials to the creation of an improved Health and Welfare system, and National Education. With these systems in place it insures that Edville will be more competitive and diverse on the world market. In the new years budget Edville will increse it's commitments to Corporations here in Edville, and Foriegn Investments abroad. Edville has decreased it's National debt and continues to do so monthly, but still rely's on government subsidies for stabilty. The last few years have seen a world wide growth in the Oil Industry and High tech services sector. Edville will increase it's foriegn shareholdings in these sectors and maintain it's level of commitment to it's other investments. With the ever changing world of Technological achievments and and advancements Edville has recognized the need to secure more high level long term contracts in the food Industry and Construction Industry with out decreasing it's national military contracts that are already in place, Further more with in the next year Edville hopes to be one of the few countries in the world constructing Nuclear submarines, Although this project is still on the drawing boards due to lack of workers it is still being planned, hopefully sometime after the new year. Housing construction in 2312 has increased by 9 billion dollars in the first half of the year due to cutbacks in Social security paynents. low level workers can now enjoy an increased living standard. An increase in leisure activities is a direct result of these efforts. This year has seen many new changes to the econemy including the joining of the perlamo CM. Quality of products puchased on the Common market have helped the national welfare index regain a respectable composure, and has helped increase the value of property in Edville. The merging process into the common market had a direct effect in the early stages of inception as the National trade index fell sharply almost 20 points. It has forced corporations in Edville to increase the quality and quantity of products produced to be more competitive in this market.The trade index is just now showing signs of recovery. Edville is commited to change Internationally and at home. The next few years promise steady growth and economic expansion with the exploitation of non federateded countries and third world economies. With a higher than average level of education, the world promises to be an exciting place for all involved with the growth of Edville. President Ed of Edville