Welcome to the home page of the Partovian empire

Welcome, Here you can read all about the the empire of Partovia. Partovia is a land located on the world of Little Upsilon. It all started when a rag tag group of rebels overthrew the old goverment and took control. Thanks to some outside investments and help from the mighty gods, Partovia grew to one of the largest countries in the region in a matter of weeks. The quick growth of course brought a lot of problems. If it wasn't for some quick and good political bartering Partovia would never have been able to educate it's labor force as fast as had happend now. When one of our neighbors country's fell into anarchy the good and benevolent forces of the partovia army were quick to reastablish a goverment for all the millions of people there. Once order had been restored it was only logical that those citizens would get all the benefits of becoming treu patrovians. After the war Partovia spent most of it's time upgrading industrial sites to high tech sites and making sure the military forces guarding these lands are all in excelent condition. We greatly fear the build up of military forces to our southern border so we will keep a close eye on those lands. Once our industries are upgraded Partovia will begin the next stage of empire building by becoming a NUCLEAR POWER.