Welcome to the Kingdom of Grantov!

The mountainous, landlocked Kingdom of Grantov is the highest-altitude country on the continent of Hercula Major. Three separate mountain ranges jut northward from the high plateau of southern Grantov, where the royal palace is located in the ancient city of Kinetic.

Since coming to the throne in late 2594, the young Queen Eva (pictured lower right) has ruled the remote alpine kingdom with a degree of attention usually reserved for victims of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Her collection of peculiar headgear is considered one of the finest in White Giant.

HM Eva intends to guide Grantov into a higher degree of economic autarchy while maintaining high living standards and exporting select high-quality goods. Grantov, she promises, is a pacifist country and will maintain no offensive military forces; furthermore the kingdom shall manufacture no military goods and purchase only defensive weapons.

Grantov is also a country of proud vegetarians, and prohibits trade in meat -- and so the queen intends to dismantle the fishing fleet, which is a strange thing to have inherited, anyway, in a landlocked mountain nation.