The Kingdom of Estovakia The True Story Unveiled

The Kingdom of Estovakia was one of many nations which had been threatened by the Ulysses 1994 Asteroid. It isn't unconfirmed whether or not Estovakia contributed to the Stonehenge Project on the Centura Donna Continent, though it is highly likely. When the Ulysses Asteroid split into more than a thousand pieces after passing the Roche Limit, Estovakia was one of the nations which suffered damage. Like nations on the Centura Donna Continent, Estovakia also fell into a state of unbalance and economic ruin. A civil war outbreaks within Estovakia and it is finally settled by the establishment of a military government. The Estovakian Civil War is believed to have begun in 2007 and saw the Eastern Faction as the victor. Military leaders, referring to themselves as "The Generals" seized power in the country and formed the new flag of Estovakia, displaying a golden bird against a red background with two black diagonal stripes to the right. Under military rule, Estovakia furtively disposed huge military preparations to overrun a peaceful, well-prospered neighbor, Emmeria. With strong military establishment, Estovakia began to set out a sudden attack over capital of Emmeria, Mentara. Estovakia quickly cut the city apart by destroying the King's Bridge and other smaller structures, and proceeded to bomb it while landing airborne tanks. Gracemaria military air base was bombed heavily and assaulted by Estovakian Apache helicopters, while the Emmerian Navy managed to hold their own. Scrambling all their armed forces to defend their capital city, Emmeria were about to put off the attack for awhile. However, Estovakia launched another attack using a new weapon called the Nimbus Missile to defeat many Emmerian forces, including the Emmerian naval vessels. Estovakia's elite 9th TFS Strigon Team entered the fray to mop up the area of remaining Emmerian air forces, and seeing through the enemy's plan and watching the air force fall apart, Emmeria's Strategic Air Command ordered a retreat. Estovakia successfully seized Gracemeria and kept overcoming other locations within the nation. Fortification structures were also specially assembled. Known as Bartolomeo Fortress and Ragno Fortress, those were naturally to strengthen their power inside Emmeria. Emmerian forces were pushed back to Vitoze, a city on Khesed island. From there they reassembled their forces and defeated an incoming Estovakian bomber squadron. They pushed onwards and took back the Bartolomeo Fortress from Estovakian occupants. Which proceeded to land in Anea. Once in Anea the combine Emmerian Military launched their Air Forces to support Emmerian Armored Elements, besieged in Silvat. With the newly reacquired Emmerian Forces in Silvat, the Emmerian Military continued to push west across the Peaks of Selumna (Selumna Peak), until they could properly launch an attack on Estovakian held Naval and Air Facilities in San Loma. Being harassed by Nimbus Missile strikes from the Aigaion in both San Loma and Selumna missions, the Emmerian Military quickly formed a plan with captured and gather intelligence to destroy the Heavy Command Cruiser Aigaion and its escorts. Once Emmerian spys delivered critical information on the airborne fortress the Emmerian high command launch all of its best pilots to attack and destroy the Aigaion and its escourting craft. After that, Emmerian air forces (REAF) were able to take out the Aigaion. Fast Forward to the year 2437 and you have the peaceful nation of Estovakia it is today, which has had a makeover and has also taken control over Emmeria and are using their capital, Gracemaria as their own. Emmeria plans for no rebellion for the fact that the new government has worked for over 500 years, and will continue to work for the future ahead! Emperor His Highness Mr. Kim Joi Estovakia's fearless leader sits at his throne over looking the capital city Gracemaria with a pet Eagle resting on his shoulder, while sipping on glass of wine and occasionally smoking a cigar.