TERRABLE MOMENTS 12/17/1999 I have been given a mission to find and rescued a scientist’s name Otacon Brown. I have I few guys covering me as I infiltrated the base. As I was in the building, I notice it was too quiet so I persisted with caution. when I went to the "West Wing" of the research building, I saw that all of the guards were all dead including Octagon and the other sicentis. as i escape the building, i saw that all of my men were all dead...........................­..............*to be continude* A NEW BEGINNING 6/15/2000 six months.........six months in perison after the undiscover truth of what really happen that winter day out in the cold snow, they thought i killed my own men,i had no poof i didn't kill them, so the athoraty had me in jail for almost no reason but to what i saw that day... it just kept me awake for all my sleep. but something happen that night two guards were found dead without any head, i least my mind were only part of my body that was freak out i that scean.