Welcome to the home of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Hi, my name is Bunk, most of you know me by General Jackson, judgeing by the name you can tell I like the American Civil War and am very strong on Southern Heritage. Well enough about that on with my story. I was born in Charleston South Carolina on Feb. 12 1983 in charleston Naval Hospital, my dad was in the United States Airforce for a total of 17 years doing two tours in Vietnam. So being a military brat you can say I got to see my share of the world, with stops in Okinawa Japan, Onkra Turkey, Germany, Italy, and not to mention the good old USA. After my dad retired we settled in a small town in Kentucky called Cloverport pop. maybe 400. Graduated HighSchool and went on to meet the love of my life, Falicia. After being togeather for along time about 4 years we finnaly decided to get married so on July 31, 2004 we tie the knot. A short time later my daughter got a brother Tristian. Well time went on and I worked for the Department of Corrections but after dealing with very bad people for about two years I left and landed in Owensboro Kentucky working at a factory that makes parts for Toyota. I bought a big house and have a happy family and hopfuly another child on the way. The picture on the left are of me (top) in my gear getting ready for war and of my wife and son (bottom) coming out side to enjoy the weather. Thank You and hope to talk to you on the game. Bunk