The Socialist State of Havoc Blast


The country of HavocBlast is one that puts the will and needs of the people before the country. The people know that some wants might need to be given up to make sure that the country remains strong. The country is made up of a Dictator, but he is more of a visionary to the people. His job is to make sure that all operations of the country is working towards the goal of the Country.

Political Views

The political views of HavocBlast is Socialistic. The government controls the industries and the government is controlled by a dictator. The dictator has a cabinet of officials to help him make sure that all issues of the country are in good hands. The advisors can make changes in the government as they wish. The Dictator is the one that sits back and makes sure that the advisors are working towrads the goal of the country and its people and not for themselves.

Economic Views

HavocBlast focuses mostly on the welfare of the people so that they are able to spend more money so that the economy can stimulate. Education is the greatest expense and investment. HavocBlast believes that education is the root of growth of a nation. Education is free in HavocBlast.