Holy Reign's lame Home page.

Since I dunno anything about HTML and that I'm sure that everyone ignores that this page exist, I'll just modify some crappy already made based site.

Holy Reign is the former country of my big and so-eleet empire in FB and now I'm gonna play in GR even tough it cost me 10 000B in Limberry to play :P I'm the chairman of the strongest fed of FB ( KKnD ) and I'm working on a war UN project along with Avalon and Kenneth ATM. Since no-one read this page, I can say that my assets are 2450B and that I make only about ~3B per month in profit cuz of my so fuckin big army. I currently have the largest army my crappy country can support and my index are 800,292 and 1000 ( heh, 400K cruse missiles owns ). That's it. See ya in hell.