Welcome to Solaryx Empire

Solaryx is a young but ambitious nation located in Ottelo Monda region, of the Hercula Major Continent in the great White Giant World

I've became president on February of the great year of 2479.

Even the beginning was not quite easy we had a peaceful and productive start with fast economic development.

Although our army was built reasonably quickly, a major federation at that time was pushing us to join them and to give up our free spirit and independence.

It was inevitable then, to build a strong strategic arsenal so we can face a potential powerful enemy.

In the end with open and honest diplomacy we manage to avoid a war that could bring large devastation in the region.

We are a friendly nation, open to new residents and same time open and ready to welcome new private businesses.

We know that our people and our businesses with profitable enterprises and corporations will build this nation stronger and more powerful.

Diplomatic Relations

Our relations with our neighbors have improved and we're working to keep and promote peace in the region.

Our External Affair Department is negotiating long standing peace agreements.
We have created as an Alliance Treaty The "Monda Regional Alliance" Federation.

Every state, nation or empire is welcome to join as long as "PEACE AND PROSPERITY" is the main goal.

We have created as a Trade Treaty The "Monda Trade Market" - a common market for nations and enterprises in the region and from all over our virtual world.

Every nation and enterprise is welcome to join as well so we can share part of our resources and prosper together making some profits.

We are currently doing well although a very large part of our growth is invested into the army to provide security and defense for Solaryx Empire and for our valued federation members of The "Monda Regional Alliance".

P.S. As a funny comment from real world, I hope you already know that the picture presented it's not the real me.

If you're familiar with European Football, or soccer - the way we call it here in USA - you should be able to recognize by now who's in the picture.

It's a tribute to him in honor of making his team champions.

Thank you for looking, check back from time to time for more news about our little peaceful empire.