The Independent State of Mona is a peaceful and productive citizen of the Golden Rainbow World. As a country, we believe in equal rights for all world citizens.

As an Independent State, our main goal is to increase our Education Standards, and provide rapid expansion of schools at all levels, as we aspire to be productive world class citizens.

Our Business sector is growing rapidly, as we continue to reinvest in our economic growth, producing and offering many quality products. We encourage investment and trade with all of our neighboring countries.

We are a generous people, contributing and assisting other nations suffering from natural disasters, including McLovin, recently devestated by a large earthquake, as well as, the Country of Macadamia.

We invite you to visit The Independent State of Mona, for business or pleasure. When you choose to visit, please book your travel through Santa Mona Travel, located in the Independent State of Mona.

Please join us in our Annual International Rock N' Roll Music Festival every June, featuring live performances from some of the biggest names in Music.

Every April we celebrate our Annual Organic Spring Gardening Show held at the Mona Leah Convention Center.

Thank you for your interest in The Independent State of Mona. Please contact us for more information on International Trade Agreements, Humanitarian Assistance Programs, Entertainment and Travel.

Kindest regards,

Ms. Rhythm & Blues


The Independent State Of Mona