JJ's Home Page

My country Has been around for quite some time. Although their was a few months when I had obligations to other things (in the "real World") so I could not continue my Presidency, but I have returned and the people gladly re-instated me as president (LOL). The game year is now 2299 in the month of Sept. and all is peaceful and productive with a period of economic and infrastructure development. I left as president some time ago. Just After "The Knights Who say Knee" Fed. had declared war on my former band of Brothers "The Hull Mafia". Some of us (myself included) survived the devistating attack but many of my comrads countries fell and the "HM" quickly fell apart their after with only 3 of us remaining. But everything comes to pass and I have returned to stand with my brothers!

With my return may we come to power again and return to our former glory.