Psychothic Haven..." Haven of the Juggalos"

Psychopathic Haven was created Dec. 20, 2020, in a currrent demand for Juggalo Love in Golden Rainbow. Duty has called and i have arisen. Now the land of the Juggalos has taken its begining, with a speedy growth of the econonmy on the horizon. President Jiggles has been the honored one to recieve responsibility over this land, and it is to him that i now give the stage.

Thank you all for coming, and hearing what we have to say. I will make it brief, for i have many affairs that heed my presence. You will soon see the rise of Psychothic Haven, all of GR will recognize the well-being of the Hatchet Family. May peace flow through the lands, and no harsh words be said.

.... no current treaties or trades to report at this time...

Soon the hatchet will be the new flag, and a picture update of the pres will conicide shortly after.

The current image you see here is of one of our most beloved patrons, Monoxide, Smoke Breather the Haven. Without his help, Psychopathic Haven would not have the happiness and stablilty that it has gained. "xide" as the common population calls him, is treasured by all who are deote to the Haven. Stay tuned for more updates to our patrons list.