Draynoria Information Page

Draynoria was formed afetr the collapse of the former government of Babylon 5. This downfall was caused by the ruthless leader of the government at the time leading the a civil uprising in the form of the Freedom Army (FA). For three years the two sides battled each other until reachign a stalemate with neither side gaining and both sides suffering horrific losses. At this time a third party, led by religious sects within the city of Draynor, launched a 'crusade' against the headquarters of the Babylonian National Guard (BLG) located in the relatively untouched King City. The 'crusade' succeeded in capturing or killing the entire upper staff of the army effectively ending the war. Public elections were re-instated along with many other freedoms. The religious sects themselves withdrew from the government back into their previous religious roles. In a show of thankfulness the country was renamed Draynoria after the city whence the 'crusade' came. After years of rebuilding Draynoria is now coming back to a stable period and is currently led by President Joe DeLaurel. The picture on the right shows the city of Blue during the urban battles between the the FA and BLG.