Welcome to the People's Republic of Thermoskan


The People's Republic of Thermoskan is a Socialist state with a Czar as Head of State. The current Czar is Kanis Lupus Unox who liberated the country from the inhumane and corrupt rule of GameMaster. Located on Eridana on Kebir Blue in the Santa Rosa region it has become a peaceful nation with a rising Wlfare Index.

After liberating the country, Kanis Lupus Unox started a campaign to improve the transportation system of the PRT. The campaign was finished in two years and after it a campaign to improve the educational and healthcare system was introduced.

Then a campaign to improve the Defensive Forces was started, several Defensive Air and Armybases were built, and more Fortifications were placed along the border stop attacks at the border.

Being a Socialist state does not mean that the population is restricted in their freedom of speech, any citizen of the People's Republic of Thermoskan is allowed to critisize the government, and is encouraged to do so. The PRT also has a free market, where CEO's are free to establish corporations, with no risk of losing their corporations or higher taxes. Buying National corporations is however not allowed since they may harm the common good of the nation.