Welcome to Khana

This is the home page of Khana (KB). Here will be displayed the current economic situation of Khana and conditions to start your corporations. The page is still under construction but here are some highlights: As ussual there is a shortage of low level workers but that can be resolved by increasing the salary. I will also try to exchange workers with other countries but how many is beyond my power. The current tax is 39% but it decreases monthly by 3% and the target is 27% for the moment. It may decrease further but will not increase more than 30% unless Khana enters a war when it may increase to 39%. Any CEO can have max 2 corporations in Khana. Also for every 2 corporations built or relocated in my country I will close a state corporation. That's it for now. Any suggestions may be sent to me on: vladibalan@yahoo.com The message must contain in the subject: "Khana KB" or will be treated as spam. May you prosper.