Story Of the Black Sun

My country was born after the Vietnam War. I became president in 1972. It is now 2014 and we have been investing all of our savings for weapons. We are a communist nation and depend on protecting it. The place is peaceful yet there are a few protest about our communism floating abound.

Our weapons have been kept sharp of over the years. We use GROZA-1 Assault Rifles, and as sidearms, we use Five-sevens. Those are the standard riflemen loadouts. This country is my country, Soviet Union is back and we are in a war against them.

The war is currently not going to well for the Soviet Union seeing how we are pushing them back. We have taken Stalingrad.

We have fine amounts of oil, and gasoline. We are stronger than Iraq at the moment. Somehow we have more people here than America. We do not want to go to war against the United States of America but the president says if we get stronger than we are they will fight us. It seems we have no choice. My story will get bigger when I can update it.