Welcome to the site of the United Spartan Gladiator Kingdom!

This is the Kingdom of King V.

My country is one of the first in the Virgina Belle continent. I became president in the year 2549 and had a peaceful and productive period with hopes of fast economic development. Although the army was built reasonably quickly.

In our History this country the United Spartan Gladiator Kingdom, was formally called "Twista" then the president left and the people were in need of a new president. So King V stepped up to the plate hoping to restore order to this country, by helping it economically. He also renamed the country to United Spartan Gladiator Kingdom. The country's closest Ally is Westland to the southwest of the country, Ruled by Omega.

We are currently doing well although a large part of our growth is invested into the army to prevent a devastating war.

We are currently at war with Haiku & North Side which are both free countries. We plan to defeat their rebels and set up new governments for the countrys. In other news, Right now we are beginning Nuclear Technology and have already set up a strategic base and airport to import the chemicals and weapons. We have yet to purchase them though. We plan to use them for defense purposes only not for offense.

~Spartans Never Die, They Live In Honor Forever~ King V President of the United Spartan Gladiator Kingdom.