Welkum to Konstitushunal Monarki LaGiona

Welcome to the Beautiful sea-side nation of LaGiona. LaGiona (and various neighboring regions) has been the home of the industrious Legaulans for centuries, but only recently have the Legaulans been able to band together to form a nation. Government of LaGiona: The Government of LaGiona is a Socialist Constitutional Monarchy, presided over by the heir to the LaGio family lineage. The LaGio family, led by King Waxton LaGio seized leadership of the united Legaulan community in 2088, after centuries of poor management by the Elken family. The LaGio gained independence for the country in 2125 under King George V, the grandson of Waxton. King George set up the infrastructure and governance that is still in place today over 100 years after his death. Currently his great, great grandson James XI heads the very active and influential throne. The Government of LaGiona is headed by the Royal Throne, who appoints the Royal Tribunal and the Royal Council (Formerly LaGiona Elected Parliament). This small judicial and tiny legislative watch-dog body oversee the grand goings-on of the nation, but rarely interfere in the normal legislation or courts of the nation. The President and a bicammeral legislative Congress are elected by the people at regular intervals. The president appoints the judiciary and the Prime Minister, who chooses his own Ministry to manage the executive measures of the government. LaGiona Politics: LaGiona is under the leadership of seven major political parties. The parties in order of prominence in the government are: 1.Royalists 2.Soshal-Demokrats 3.Monarkists 4.Greens 5.Laburist-Kommunists 6.Federalist-Reformists 7.Liberists (Moderashonists/Reducshonists) Additional parites holding seats in either National, Provincial or Local offices are: 8.Isolashonists 9.ReAnnekzashunists 10.Imperial-Agendists 11.Anarkists 12.Unificashonists 13.Kunsensusists