Welcome to the Home Page of The Great Republic of Lankier or GRL

Welcome to the story of "The Great Republic of Lankier"

My country is one of the last in the Antilia Major continent. I became president in the year 2655 and had a peaceful and productive period with fast economic development. Although the army was built reasonably quickly, My nation started a war that brought large devastation to the enemy.

The war ended with one winner and it was my country that took over the enemy nation and is currently ruling over the nation and will continue to rule for the best of ten years in the future. to recover.

We are currently doing well although a large part of our growth is invested into the army to prevent repetition of a devastating war.

Our relations with our neighbors have not improved however and the oposion nation has given up any power to their nation and given it to my nation.

As of now my nation has declared itself a Social Democracy and will stay that way until it is time for change.