Holy Kingdom of Adonai

Welcome to the official website of the Holy Kingdom of Adonai.

The Holy Kingdom of Adonai is a Roman Catholic theocracy ruled by King Marcus Lavinius I, of the House of Lavinii. The official state-run corporation is Royal Adonai Corporation.

The Holy Kingdom of Adonai was founded during a time of anarchy for a unruly country. The predominant religion was Roman Catholic, and the people craved a conservative government. The coming of the House of Lavinii proved satisfactory, as the House Patriarch, Marcus Lavinius I, took power. The Kingdom now is taking interest in spreading the Church's messages, solidifying diplomacy and politics, and achieving good economical status.

The Royal Adonai Corporation is the newly-founded state-run company for the Holy Kingdom of Adonai. Currently, it is working in specializing its services. The company's overall goal is the prosperity of economy in Adonai and neighboring, friendly lands, with use of a mercantile and capitalist economy.