Welcome to my Homepage on Simcountry
September 3, 2007

My countries are on the planet White Giant. My enterprises are on White Giant, Golden Rainbow and Little Upsilon. I started playing Simcountry somewhere in 2003. The game has improved much in the past years. At the moment (summer 2007) i can’t invest much time in the game. Meanwhile W3C is building and improving the new war-engine.

The motivation to make this homepage is to test this feature and to post tips and tricks for new players, who use to send me (and other veteran players) the same questions over and again. I decided to post the (obvious) answers here for everyone who is interested.

I will add more info to this page when i find more time. The main content you can find here are: interesting links, some background info about my countries and enterprises, and tips and tricks for newbees.

Interesting links

Just a collection of interesting links.

My assets on Simcountry

Where can you find me?

Tips and tricks (how to be successful)

Where to start, what are the tricks others use.