Lovenian... the world filled with love and peace. Lovenian, though, didn't start off with love and peace.

In 1996, an animal-loving clan called the Fijxels (FIX-jols) came into Lovenian, then known as Nokl (NOKE-ol), and started the farming on the fertile land on Nokl.

Soon, though, in 2000, a hunting clan known as the Hiijers (HI-jers) came to Nokl and started hunting in the west. Fijxel traders noticed that, when trading with the Hiijers, animal heads and meat were layed out.

Words and Rumors about the Hiijers spread into the East, alertting the animal-loving clan.

Wyle Netslon, a Hiijer member, came into the Fijxel land, Nerber, as a visitor from the Hiijer's land, Lilol (LY-lol). But soon, the Fijxels were getting suspicious, and wondered about Wyle. One day, a special announcement went out: "Wyle Netslon, came into Nerber from Lilol, where our enemies stand." Wyle, though, wasn't there to harm anyone.

After rumors were spread about him, the truth became known slowly through time. Wyle wasn't an animal killer. He was there to save the animals, and was looking for a priest who could baptise him into a Fijxel.

A short time later, a priest by the name of Sir Lipson Shikgom (SHI-com), heard about Wyle, and was willing to let him into the life of the Fijxels. A few hours later, Wyle Netslon became a Fijxel.

The Hiijers weren't happy about this. They declared a war and hunters rebelled against the Fijxels. Fights were happening, crops were being destroyed, people - families - were being hurt. That was all stopped by a gentlemen, who was unknown, but bought the nickname Theloy (THEE-loy). Theloy gave rights, and gave portions of land to both the Fijxels and the Hiijers. Agreeing, the Fijxels and the Hiijers rejoined as friends.

The Fijxels and the Hiijers would share ideas, which led more and more traders, merchants, and visitors to what was now called Thibian (THI-be-AN), Nerber and Lilol combined.

As Thibian became more successful and more powerful, people began to change the culture, rules, and names. Thibian became known as Lovenian.

Because of the Fijxel's and Hiijer's friendship, Lovenian became a successful country without war or fear.

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