A History Of Nuevo Tejas

In 2647, the peoples revolution broke out in Nuevo Tejas, due to capitalist exploitation of the workers of the republic by foreign interests. Led by Daniel Lewis, the 21 year old leader of a small band of freedom fighters that crossed the border from Texas, the leaderless movement soon found itself a charismatic and enigmatic authority. The forces of the capitalist pig-dog oppressors were no match for the daring wit of Lewis and his men, and the revolution ended in 15 Apr 2648. Lewis, at 22, the leader of a nation, immediately began to strengthen the position of the nation economically. He immediately began by raising wages, improving education, and developing industries essential to economic independence, as well as national security. By the second anniversary of his benevolent leadership, unemployment had been reduced from over 24 to 9.2%, incomes were on the rise, and the nation had become self-sufficient in essentials such as aircraft fuel, and gasoline. On 10 April 2650, after hearing of reports of anarchy in the United Kingdom of Tinako, Lewis decided to send in Nuevo Tejas forces to gaurantee the safety of the workers. By 09 May 2650, order was restored, at a cost of 2297 dead and 5088 wounded, inflicting 31324 dead and 55263 wounded, and $911.1 b. in war damage to Tinako. The newly liberated peoples of Tinako rejected the crown and instead chose to become the Reupblic of New Wallonia, and elected Lewis their first president. Beginning in August, massive numbers of Wallons beagn to emigrate to Nuevo Tejas.